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Our Story

Misty says: About six years ago, our friends Chris and Whitney (who knew each of us individually) got a wacky idea that we should go on a date. John and I both were skeptical about being set up by friends and successfully avoided a formal date by being just friends for about six months. Then on NYE 2009 Chris encouraged John to meet us where Whitney's band was playing for the night. John braved a long, cold wait in line to ring in 2010 with us. I thought that was pretty sweet and we spent the next hour shouting random bits of conversation at one another over 80s cover songs. We shared our first kiss at midnight and have never looked back. The rest, as they say, is history.
John says: I first met Misty when she was trying on dresses for Whitney to help her decide what she would wear for some event. I remember thinking her eyes were stunning. We hung out a few times with Chris and/or Whitney but never just the two of us. Then one night around November 2009 I was running sound for StarFarm and remember Misty being there and teasing me. I liked that she noticed there was more going on to make the show happen than just the band on stage. Next thing I know, sometime later, I had a chance to spend the last day of 2009 with a beautiful companion and future lifetime partner. That's how we started.